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Vikings' Allen thinks Lions play tough, not dirty

Vikings defensive end Jared Allen paid a huge compliment to the Lions offense this week. While a few other opponents have claimed the Lions play dirty, Allen doesn’t see it that way. He sees the Lions as a tough hard-nosed opponent and knows he’s in for a fist-fight going up against the Lions.

“I think we don’t want to be known as anything other than a team that plays hard and a team that plays physical football. I’m sure they’re the same way,’’ Lions coach Jim Schwartz said. “When that’s the way you want to play, when you see someone else that’s playing that way, you have respect for that. We have a lot of respect for Jared Allen and the things that defense has done.

“That defense has been outstanding this year. They put one of the best efforts of the year together against Philadelphia. I’m sure they’re going to want to continue that. We’re going to need to meet that challenge. Our offense has met a lot of challenges. That’s a big part of this game."

The Lions are looking to extend their win streak with a win over the Vikings on Sunday.

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