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Lions support pancreatic cancer awareness

ALLEN PARK -- On Sunday the Lions will team up with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network to help increase awareness of pancreatic cancer at the sold-out game against the N.Y. Jets.

Team president Tom Lewand will represent the Lions who helped sponsor the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s “Links for the Cure” golf and PurpleStride fund-raisers this summer that combined to raise $275,000.

Also, volunteers from the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network will hand out purple wristbands as fans depart Gate A at Ford Field after the game.

The Lions were touched by pancreatic cancer during director of security Ricky Sandoval’s fight against the disease. Ricky lost his courageous three-year battle in July 2009. His wife, Gael, continues Ricky’s battle by bringing awareness to pancreatic cancer.

To learn more about pancreatic cancer visit

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