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Lions' rookies contribute in preseason opener

Let’s look at what the Lions’ rookies did in the 23-7 loss to Pittsburgh in the Lions’ preseason opener on Saturday night.

Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh moved bodies around on the inside just like he did at Nebraska. He has fit in from Day One despite his contract holdout. He’ll just get better.

Running back Jahvid Best let a sure reception go through his hands and turn into an interception, but he averaged almost five yards per run and broke a 15-yarder on the outside.

Not sure there will be room on the roster for wide receiver Tim Toone, the seventh-round and final pick in the draft, but he did what he does in practice -- when balls are thrown his way he catches them. He had a pair of catches for 24 yards and he also got a shot at a punt return late in the game.

Caleb Campbell’s rookie debut was delayed two years by the Army, but he seemed to fit in even though he’s making the transition from safety to linebacker, he hadn’t played a game in more than two years and he had never even attended an NFL game.

Cornerback Amari Spievey, who hasn’t practiced much because of a hip injury, got beat on a touchdown pass in the fourth quarter and then got a few choice words from defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham. Spievey, a third-round pick, is behind because he hasn’t practiced much so this is not a surprise.

Undrafted rookie safety Randy Phillips, who just signed with Detroit a week and a half ago, started in place of the injured Louis Delmas and made a couple big plays. The Miami product was one of the positives in the secondary.

Fourth-round offensive tackle Jason Fox and seventh-round defensive end Willie Young both saw action, but it was later in the game and tough to evaluate them. Neither one is expected to produce much this season. They’re should be projects.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They’re should be projects

That, of course, isn't a sentence.

6:03 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your right Paula Our rookies Looked really good even Tim Toone and I really think that I would bring this kid in with the 53 men because when he is given something to do he will get it done.
As far a Amari Spievey I would tell the TEAM to check out weather the Kid has a real hip problem or just doesn't want to come to camp.

He is starting to remind me of a CB that we got from Cleveland and now he is with New Engalnd.
Yes, I am talking about Lee Bodin!
The man that Took a very Large contract to come here and Play and then Played as if he was either threatened to Not make Plays or Paid to not make plays.
Anyway's this Spievey is starting to remind me of him Big Time!
Not saying that any of this was the case, However something about them Looks and Feels very suspect!
Or it is just a Rookie that doesn't want to play for this TEAM.
Whatever the case the LIONS would be better off just cutting him,NOW! And don't waste their time with him.
However, last year there were about six to seven men on the team that Looked like what I am discribing and a lot of them have stepped up and are playing better this year.
Northcutt, William's, Rookie from Penn,Bryant Johnson,etc. It might not be anything like that at all but when these players do what they do they really make things look bad and they are things that only seem to happen to LIONS players year after year after year.
It never seems to happen to the other TEAMs in this division.
When do the other TEAMs in this division just get rookies that don't act like they even care if they make the team or not?
Or have vets that just Totally shut down and can't make plays that they used to make in their sleep when they were on other TEAMs.
These players allways seem to show up on the Detroit LIONS TEAM.
I have to say that it doesn't Look like that very much at all with most of this TEAM this year.
Well,until the backup 2nd and 3rd teams got on the field in the first pre season game.
What happened there?
Are these guy's really that bad?
I mean they are supposed to be profesionals arent they?
Does it really get that bad after the 1st string?

6:31 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comming back on amari spievey.
Maybe and I hope I am wrong about earlier comments.
seems that spievey actually practiced today and actually Knocked a pass away in practice.
So, what I was saying earlier is for now not relevant.
Let us all hope for the sake of our TEAm that I am wrong about siad things earlier.
Let's see if the kid comes through and proves me wrong. I only hope that he does.
When I know that a player has it in him to play above what he is showing us I seem to jump to this conclusion.
after 50 years of losing it seems to make a lot of since.
Maybe if the Lions wina superbowl inthe Near future this type of thinking will disapear from my thoughts.And others thoughts.
because I know others that think the same way that I do about this TEAm and the League.
P.S. Please Spievey prove me wrong! PLEASE!

12:43 AM 

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