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You tell me: How many games will Lions win?

The Lions have shaken up their roster yet again. Last year basically they were filling some holes just with healthy bodies because they weren’t quite sure what they had. After a 2-14 season, they knew exactly where the deficiencies were and made trades and signed free agents to help them make their way to respectability.

The question is: How much better will they be?

My guess at this point — this could change before the season starts — is that they will win 6-8 games this season.

Now it’s your turn.

I’m working on a special Oakland Press project that will come out on July 4. Included will be fans projections for Lions wins in the 2010 season.

Tell me how many wins, your name and town. Either comment on this blog or e-mail me at Results will be posted July 4 and printed in the Oakland Press July 4 edition.

I’m curious to see what Lions fans are thinking after all the off-season moves.

Thanks for your support — Paula.



Anonymous Steve said...

Steve from Troy! I say 7-9. The defense is just too much of a question to go any higher than that. The offense has the makings to be pretty explosive IF everyone stays healthy.

11:48 AM 
Anonymous Dave said...

I'm thinking 6 is reasonable, considering the clear upgrades. But that secondary worries me and if fears are realized that number could drop to 5 or 4. Only 3 would be a major disappointment but I don't expect that.

Minor rant: I think being competitive and staying in more games will be the biggest difference in 2010. This is the season where they earn some long lost respect around the league. And if the team isn't in the playoff mix in 2011 then my Mayhew/Schwartz patience tank will be getting low.

Go Lions, pass the cornbread.

Dave from Portage.

12:41 PM 
Anonymous Walt said...

I set the over/under at 5.5 games. With the influx of talent and a year in this Mayhew/Schwartz system, six should be a reasonable number. However, this is the Lions we are talking about. The only assurances we have are that players wearing blue and silver uniforms will show up for sixteen published dates and take the field.

The Lion's problems have been health and depth. Hopefully, they can stay healthy and develop people on the depth chart, not just plug holes.

3:25 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last year the Lions chalked up a miserable –232 point differential, scoring an average of 16.3 pts/game while allowing 30.8. The 12 teams that ended up under .500 had an average point differential (APD) of -125.6. The five teams that ended up 8-8 had an APD of -3.4. And the five teams that ended up 9-7 had an APD of +77.8.

It’s not unreasonable to expect the Lions much improved defense to subtract one opponent TD per game from last year’s average, nor is it unreasonable to expect the much more talented offense to score one more TD per game this year. The combined differences would result in the Lions scoring an average of 23.3 pts/game while allowing 23.8, which would put the Lions in the range of a projected 8-8 season based on last year’s NFL team point differential statistics. I’m predicting 7-9 and hoping for better.

Rochester Hills

8:21 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike from Dowagiac. 5-7

2:20 AM 
Anonymous said...

Robert In Texas, Too many first and second year players that need a bit more time working together, Not only rookies, but also veterans that will not light it up their first year in the system. Anything over five wins will be bonus, but, five will be solid progress.

12:05 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy from Troy. 5-11. Improvement will come not as much in the record, but in the development of players (Many of the impact players are still 1-3 years in the league). Chemistry will continue to be developed this year. Look for the Lions to steadily increase their win total, however there should be some caution if they "fall back" in wins for a year due to injuries and schedule difficulties. I see a 4-5 year climb to consistent playoff contention!

9:49 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would think 5-11 or 6-10. The improvments all around are worth at least 3 wins over last year. That said, the Lions are still dangerously thin at several positions and the talent that is there is still somewhat raw. If everyone stays healthy and performs to their ability, 8-9 wins would be possible. This being reality, I will stick with 5-6 wins.

8:46 PM 
Blogger Don said...

Lions should have a 7 and 9 record with a possibility of 9 wins. I still believe the additions of Burleson, Sims and Best will improve the offense. The improvement on the defense will be on the shoulders of the D-Line.

6:46 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have the 2010 schedule in front of me but when I first looked it over I figured best case of 5 wins, all at home. Maybe one winnable game on the road, for a max of 6 wins total. 2011 is when we better see a winning record and hopefully a playoff spot.

9:24 AM 
Anonymous Taylor from Holland said...

We can't look at the Lions every season and say, "They're just going to be the same old Lions." This year definitely feels different and I believe that the players understand where they're at and are buying into what needs to be done, rather than dwelling on the past two seasons. I haven't seen free agency this aggressive and drafting this smart in a long time. The Lions have a tough schedule, but play many of the top teams at Ford Field and some of the weaker ones on the road. I'm predicting a 6-7 win season. I'd like to be as optimistic about the playoffs as Louis Delmas, but if Detroit could just reach .500, I think I could sit back and begin dreaming of an NFC North Championship t-shirt. As long as the front offices continue to bring in the highest calibrator players and not just a slew of underachieving wide receivers, I think that Lions fans will start to see something special finally come together.

7:20 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say four wins. this schedule is brutal for a team with two wins. Several of the teams were in the playoffs and the North has gotten tougher to find wins...They are building a team brick by brick, and learning how to win in the NfL is a learning process.2011's draft and free agency is where we get better...

8:41 AM 

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