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Injuries have slowed progress of Lions CB Spievey

No question the secondary was a huge issue going into the offseason and remains a question mark. They have added veterans like Chris Houston and Jonathan Wade, but they also looked for help in the draft.

The Lions drafted CB Amari Spievey in the third round to give them help where they need it most.

Spievey, who played at Iowa, was hampered early in the offseason by “tight hips” and could not participate fully in workouts.

“He’s like all the rookies he’s spotty, does some good things and does some not-so-good things. His learning process, he’s going against veteran players and gets beat sometime. ... He’s still not where he needs to be physically, not through his own fault because of injury he was nursing going into the draft. He’s behind a little bit there,’’ coach Jim Schwartz said.

Spievey didn’t lift at the Combine because of a left shoulder stinger. He’s been participating in OTAs, but we’ll get a much better idea of how he can fit in once training camp starts.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Kid is Worrying Me a bit. I somewhat get the same kind of feelings that I got about Derrick Williams last year.
And Look at how that turned out.
Some of these guy's seem very glad to be here and others? I just don't get it? BUT, when new players seem to carry this kind of personality with them. That they are not sure if they want to be here or not. It is allmost like someone has gotten to them or has something on them and use it against them and Make sure that they do not produce for this TEAM.
Anyways, just a feeling that I get.
They allways seem to have that LOST personality, Like they don't know what to do or they are just going thru the Motions and nothing seems to really matter.
Is it just me or does it seem that sometimes like someone is Holding guy's like this back and not allowing them to give us what they really have?
It is really strange that a Player get's selected into the NFL and they seem like they just don't care about it all.

2:53 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:02 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:15 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering About Spievey's
Hips and if they are still bothering him or NOT?
Really if you could find that out Paulla and Leave the answer in another Update on him?
Anyway's I am just wondering?
I actually Have a condition that Started with My Hips when it first started and I am just wondering If it could be anything like I ended up with.
Usually I wouldn't think anything like that However when he mentioned sore hip's it just kinda hit home.
GO Spievey!
P.S. I love reading your post's Paulla You seem to be one of the more positive writers in this Town.

11:31 AM 

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