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Lions skirmishes aggravate Schwartz

ALLEN PARK -- A pair of skirmishes in the Lions’ final minicamp session before breaking for a month, ended Friday's session on a sour note for coach Jim Schwartz.

He found himself in the middle of both dust-ups trying to pull bodies out and end it. The second one was all he could handle, so he stopped the drill two plays short, huddled up the players and let them have it.

Schwartz was clearly agitated when practice ended.

“That was too intense. We had that situation come up before in OTAs and everybody laughed that you can’t fine the players, but guess what there are going to be a lot of fines from today. It’s not acceptable what happened. ... When you can’t finish practice and when you have guys enter fights that aren’t involved in it, it’s unacceptable and they’re going to get taxed pretty heavy.’’

After Schwartz addressed the players he had offense and defense line up across the field. Whichever unit could produce a player who could kick a field goal would not have to run gassers. It was supposed to be a fun way to end minicamp.

Rookie Ndamukong Suh, who has a soccer background and kicked field goals in high school, split the uprights with a 35-yard field goal. It wasn't enough to put a smile on Schwartz's face though.

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