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Lions new-look offense could help defense

If the Lions offense can fulfill the promise it is already showing in offseason workouts, it will be a huge boost for the defense come September.

“Field position is important, what’s important in the NFL now is that you can score. It allows you to play a little different. Defensively, you can play a little more aggressive knowing that if you give up a touchdown your offense can get one back,’’ Lions coach Jim Schwartz said.

“I think from a (defensive) standpoint, you don’t have to be as cautious, you can freewheel a little bit more,’’ Schwartz said. “... Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, offensively we haven’t scored a point this year. That’s the hope for sure. If the signs you see now come to fruition in the fall and we’re able to have something close to this offensively then it definitely helps the defense.’’

The offseason acquisitions on both sides of the ball have been major. It will be interesting to see how it all meshes together — and how quickly it might happen.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope the defense does get more agressive! I also hope Jason returns to old form and doesnt miss gimme FG's, that and Harris having a good "inside the 20" year like he has in the past will help the D stay aggressive too...

I love this site! Come talk Lions anytime guys, we need some fellow fans, its an upstart site with moderators for some team rooms needed, with a vision for insult free Lions talk and a spam/company advertisement free board!!! Put it in your favorites with the rest of all your favorite Lions sites like The Lions Lowdown! You too Paula, good to hear a ladies side of it, come talk with us anytime! ;)

6:10 PM 

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