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Lions need a second-straight quality draft

Spending the day immersed in NFL draft info — while writing my five-part pre-draft series which starts on Sunday — only reminds me that the seven rounds of the NFL draft are indeed a crap shoot.

It’s a credit to the management of any team if they can pull off quality drafts year after year. The Lions did it last year, picking up five starters who they are using as cornerstones of the franchise. They need another quality batch to keep the momentum going. It starts with the second overall pick, but that could be the easiest decision they will make over the three days of the draft. It’s the later rounds that often pay off.

In gathering info I use a variety of sources and it’s amazing how they can differ on their ratings of players.

How much weight do you put on the fact that Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes tried to gouge out the eyes of a defender last season? Should it matter that his older brother was convicted of first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison? Should it? I have no clue.

What about linebacker Chris McCoy from Middle Tennessee. The Pro Football Weekly Draft Preview on his negatives: “Lacks bulk and functional strength and gets knocked backward on contact.’’ Makes you wonder why he’s in the book.

Oh well, it’s all for fun — unless you’re Lions management ... Join me noon-1 p.m. on Wednesday for an on-line pre-draft chat at