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Stafford on girl-approved hair

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was a good sport this morning as a guest on ESPN2’s “First Take” when the conversation went to “girl-approved hair.’’ “It’s hair that’s so irresistible, girls they can’t get enough of it, get their hands in it smell it and get some hair action. It’s a good deal,’’ the 21-year-old Stafford said. He’s a spokesman for a hair product, so it’s not like he wasn’t expecting the question. Actually a stylist must have gotten to him before the show because his hair looked much different than it did during the season. Stafford wasn’t given much time to talk football, but he did share his favorite moment of the season. For many, including Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew, the season highlight was Stafford’s winning touchdown pass against Cleveland. But not for the young quarterback. For him it came weeks earlier — the win over the Washington Redskins. “Ending the losing streak was huge for me and huge for the team. I think it was probably my favorite moment of the year. Obviously getting a chance to throw five touchdowns (against) Cleveland was fun, being able to end that streak and get a win on the board was huge,’’ Stafford said. He wouldn’t make a Super Bowl prediction, but did say it would be special to see Peyton Manning win another.


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