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Barry Sanders speaks

Barry Sanders never looked for the limelight while he was playing and it hasn’t changed much since he retired. So it was a rare delight to see him on the “Mike and Mike Show” on ESPN2 this morning. While unfortunately the 10-time Pro Bowler and Hall of Famer couldn’t share any tales of playing in the Super Bowl, he gave a little insight into playing during his 10 seasons with the Lions. Most of the time he wasn’t free-lancing with the ball. “You do have a little bit of a thought because that was my game. I think most guys knew, and I certainly knew, I wasn’t going to run through a guy in most cases, unless it was a little guy. There was a little thought of how I’m going to get around this guy. ... There was some sort of preplan most times,’’ said Sanders who still lives in the Detroit area. He wouldn’t be pinned down to a pick between the Colts and Saints, but it wasn’t surprising his heart is leaning toward the Saints because, for one reason, they have a more balanced running attack. “I think the Saints, to see where they’ve come in the last four years from the time Coach (Sean) Payton has taken over the team is just miraculous,’’ Sanders said. “Being a lifelong fan of the NFL and all the years of seeing the Saints at the bottom and to see them in the Super Bowl is amazing. Then to see Peyton Manning, they’re the new dynasty in the NFL.’’ Sanders, wearing a shirt with a Miller Lite logo, was on the show for a good reason. Miller Lite is running an online auction where you can bid to have Barry Sanders come to your house (with food and drinks) to watch Sunday’s Super Bowl. All proceeds benefit the V Foundation for cancer research. If interested, go to The deadline is 1 p.m. Thursday.


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