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A teaching moment

  Coach Jim Schwartz had plenty to say to his team after this morning’s training camp session. He kept the team on the field for an extended period, but it wasn’t because he was displeased. Instead he used it as a teaching moment.
  To wrap up the session each of the three quarterbacks had a chance at a drill with one minute and 10 seconds to go 70 yards for a touchdown with two time-outs. It was heavily weighted toward the defense.
  Even so each group had shots at the end zone.  Daunte Culpepper’s long pass to Calvin Johnson would have been the highlight except rookie safety Louis Delmas broke up the play.
    “There’s some things in those situations, sometimes an incomplete pass is OK. You’d rather throw an incomplete pass than take a sack or get a 1- or 2-yard gain with the clock running,’’ Schwartz said.
   -- The three who didn’t pass the conditioning tests on Saturday — Sammie Hill, Ephraim Salaam and Demir Boldin — passed and participated in practice this morning.
    Wide receiver Adam Jennings was excused from the morning session for personal reasons.


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