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Stafford wants a Ford, Curry will take less to be a Lion

Say this about Matt Stafford, he's a company man.

The likely No. 1 overall pick was asked what kind of car he drives during an appearance on "The Mitch Albom Show" Tuesday.

“I got a Chevy Tahoe, my old Chevy Tahoe that I've had for a long time, so I'm probably going to have to trade that one out for a Ford if I go to Detroit,” Stafford said.

Stafford paused for a second before adding the “if I go to Detroit” part, but he didn't sound like a deal was done quite yet during the rest of the interview.

Asked about his long-stated desire to become a Lion, Stafford said, “I'm a competitive guy and I love a challenge and I really don't think the Lions are that far off, and hopefully if I get a chance to come there I can help them turn something around."

Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry also made the radio rounds Tuesday, and he gave the cost-conscious Lions something to munch on.

In a segment on Sirius NFL Radio's "Movin' The Chains," Curry said he "sure would" do a pre-draft deal with the Lions, and said he'd go to Detroit even if it was for less than the five-year, $58-million deal Jake Long got as the No. 1 pick last year. That contract included about $30 million guaranteed.

"I'd be more than happy to accept that deal," Curry said.

I'm not sure his agent, Andy Ross, would let that happen, but it's not every day two premier players are angling to become Lions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

if the lions take stafford, they better have a plan in place to sit him for a while and bring him along slowly. that would be our best shot at helping him pan out for us. gotta build the lines for him before we put him in there though so there's that to think about also.

8:24 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taking Curry would give the Lions an instant upgrade over Paris Lenon and would have help with Sims and Peterson playing at his side.
I know the Lions want the top pick signed before the Draft, if Curry would sign for less than Long did last year it would be a "no brainer" to draft him.

9:21 PM 
Anonymous John said...

One consideration never mentioned is that the schedule may be lengthened by two games. This will put a premium on health, vitality, and technique. All these help one to avoid injury and in a longer season the injuries will shoot up. Whoever they choose for any of their picks, but especially for the big money pick, needs to be someone indestructible.

10:27 PM 
Blogger Ty said...

Whoa--that Curry quote is a stunner!

If Andy Ross is smart enough to realize that he'll more than make up the difference of taking a signifcantly smaller deal to be the #1, with DRASTICALLY bigger marketing opportunities, Curry could come so cheap the Lions can't help but say no.

Will a guy who's also Michael Phelps' agent be focussed on capitalizing on the short-term fame that comes with being the #1 overall pick? I have to believe he will.

Ty @ The Lions in Winter

11:34 PM 
Anonymous Michael Schottey said...

hmmm..PFT quotes Stafford buddies as saying he's bragging about record level money. Curry is ready to take a discount.


11:45 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering the hard times Michigan is seeing, especially Detroit, the psychological aspect of taking a top notch player at a discount is a pretty shrewd and smart thing to do. The Fords tossing multi millions on another QB when they could get a huge value in Curry would play very well to the fans- and benefit the team more, IMHO.

1:33 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Aaron Curry more and more every day that goes on. I don't know if I have seen a better person in the draft. The Lions need to take him.

8:15 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaron Curry can say anything he wants but the players' union sees it differently. Curry can't take less without the union approving the deal. More than likely they would void the contract because the contract would be for less than market value. In other words it's nice thought but it's not possible thanks to the low ball deal that was struck between the Russell Maryland and the Cowboys years ago.

9:14 AM 
Blogger DetFan1979 said...

You're wrong on that Anonymous. Doesn't apply here -- Curry is a LB and even if he was at 30 mil guaranteed with a 5yr deal worth say 50 mil -- lower than Longs' -- it would still equal 10 mil per year which is well over the market value for a MLB. Ray Lewis is at 7 mil per year. You are still looking at a deal worth about 40% over the highest paid MLB in teh elague there.

Also, if Curry wasn't getting any outside bonuses, he could sign for league minimum if he chose. The base salary impacts the amount of bonus money that cna be recieved, and the subsequent years are limited to increase percentages based on the earlier years of the deal.

As long as it isn't say, league minimum year 1 to help with cap, and then a huge bonus and 10 times the pay the next year it's not a problem.

You aren't talking a deal where you pay $50 for a $1500 TV that fell off the back of a truck. It's more along the lines of getting an extra couple grand off of a car purchase to keep your customer versus them going to the place next door.

10:04 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone else sick and tired of talking/arguing/debating/flaming who the lions are gonna take at #1? is it saturday yet?

10:16 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why I think they should pick Stafford

1. He is not a pac 10 or big 12 QB. This guy is SEC. There is a difference. There really is. Had this guy been on USC and played that pampered USC schedule, he would look flawless. Well he played in the SEC. He's better than people think.

2. They have a great situation for Stafford. He will sit behind Culpepper for at least 1 season and maybe get a little mop up duty on occasion. Great scenario for a young QB.

2. They can get a solid MLB at #20 or #33 or maybe even later.

3. They can concentrate on a first round left tackle, next year.

11:14 AM 

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