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Mayhew: 'Leap of faith' to say Stanton will start in '09

While the Lions continue to sort through their quarterbacks – Daunte Culpepper appears to be the starter, Jon Kitna may be on his way out, and the Lions view Dan Orlovsky as a backup – one player who won't be in the starting mix next year is Drew Stanton.

“He's a developmental guy for us,” general manager Martin Mayhew said Friday of the 2007 second-round draft pick. “He missed the whole first season. He really was a rookie last year, but I think what we have to do at quarterback is have as many options as possible. And we have to have a situation that we feel comfortable with. And we just haven't seen enough of Drew to say we can anoint Drew as a starter. It's a tremendous leap of faith to say he can start for us.”

Mayhew said at one point he hoped to play Stanton more last year, but when listing the options for next season's starters he did not include Stanton in the mix.

“I think Drew can do everything,” Mayhew said. “He can run, he can throw, he has a strong arm. He's got all the tools. That's not an issue. The issue is getting him enough reps and enough time to where we feel comfortable with him being the guy at quarterback. It hasn't happened for a lot of reasons.”

Asked if he could have forced Stanton into the rotation last year, Mayhew said he “would never tell a head coach he has to play a guy.”

“I can make it known who I'd like to see play and I did that with a number of guys, and some of them played and some of them didn't,” Mayhew said. “And that's the way it is.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

totally disagree with this used a 2nd round pick on him, FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU HAVE WITH HIM before you completely shut the door on him.

man this pisses me off to no end.

9:57 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave. I'm puzzled on the Stanton situation. Mayhew has said he's the "developmental" QB, and say's he hasn't got the rep's. Can you please ask Mayhew that if Stanton hasn't gotten the rep's, wouldn't be neccesary and important for his "development" for him to get lot's of snap's this off-season? I mean Mayhew said himself that Stanton hasn't got the rep's. Well, get him the rep's. Would be greatly appreciated Dave. I agree with what Mayhew said about Drew. But than leave's me wondering than why isn't he getting the opportunity. Thank you Dave and great work on the combine coverage.

10:42 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i remember reading that peter king said schwartz would 'be fair' with stanton. also read that mayhew wanted stanton to play more last year, but he won't force a coach to play someone if the coach doesn't want to. hopefully schwartz gives stanton the reps i think he deserves during TC.

11:38 AM 

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