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More on Millen

Frankly, I don't understand why some people are up in arms about Matt Millen joining NBC's broadcast crew for last weekend, the Super Bowl or next year, when he surely will be a part of the peacock network. Should Millen never work in football again?

Look, the guy did a bad job running the Lions. His record as president (officially 31-84, though the Lions are 31-97 the last eight years) speaks for itself, and he in no way gave a suitable explanation for the goings on since 2001 in his sitdown with Dan Patrick.

But Millen is good on TV. He's personable, he's informative, he tells captivating stories (ask William Clay Ford about that), and he does know football. Not how to build a team, but football.

Those are two different things, and I think it's safe to say no NFL team will entrust him with running their franchise again. Well, never say never with Al Davis in charge in Oakland, but TV is where Millen belongs. Plus, presumably he'll be available for interviews at the Super Bowl (or at the very least on conference calls next year) and you may get a substantial accounting of his time with the Lions yet.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't hold your breath, dave. he'll prolly politely decline to talk about the lions from this point forward....and if rob parker gets in his face about it, matt'll knock him out.

11:52 AM 

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