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Week 17 picks

The fog has lifted, an overnight dusting of snow has left chilly Green Bay looking exactly like you'd expect, and the Lions date with infamy is on.

If Disney ever makes a movie on the Lions' 2008 season – “Lessons in Losing” we'll call it – the final scene would be here, on the tundra, under these exact circumstances. The Lions haven't won in Green Bay in 17 years and the odds are stacked against them today. A stiff wind may level the playing field some (Dan Orlovsky just fluttered a duck to Calvin Johnson in warm-ups), and who knows, maybe ultimate good guy Jason Hanson, in the midst of the best season of his career, will get a chance to kick the game winner.

In the movie, he'd make it. Today? I don't see it happening.

Unfortunately – and I've felt this way since the Lions blew that 17-point lead at home against Tampa Bay – I think the Lions complete their imperfect season with a loss to the Packers. Maybe 20-13. I don't think it'll be a rout. That only happens at home, but I do think the Lions will go down as the worst team the NFL has ever seen.

That means I've got Detroit covering the 11 1/2-point spread. Now for the rest of my Week 17 picks, against the spread and with home team in all caps.

Home covers you can't deny
TAMPA BAY minus-13 over Oakland
PHILADELPHIA minus-1 over Dallas
MINNESOTA minus-7 over NY Giants
ATLANTA minus-14 over St. Louis
PITTSBURGH minus-11 over Cleveland
NY JETS minus-2 1/2 over Miami
ARIZONA minus-7 over Seattle
SAN FRANCISCO minus-3 over Washington

Home dogs that bite
NEW ORLEANS plus-2 1/2 over Carolina
INDIANAPOLIS plus-3 over Tennessee

Road warriors laying with with love
New England minus-6 over BUFFALO

Don't need 'em, but I'll take 'em
Chicago plus-3 over HOUSTON
Kansas City plus-3 over CINCINNATI

Points only, please
Jacksonville plus-12 1/2 over BALTIMORE
Denver plus-8 over SAN DIEGO

Record: 6-9 last week, 114-112-5 overall


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i HATE the feeling i have right now about this game....i'm still thinking that the lions are gonna win this one on a game winning jason hanson kick. i'm hoping that they do too cuz the only person that deserves to have the dubious distinction of going 0-16 is ford himself. he'll kick the bucket soon enough [hopefully]. go lions!

12:12 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

presser better be interesting....

4:16 PM 

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