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Orlovsky to see specialist; Culpepper looks like the starter

Dan Orlovsky said he will visit a hand specialist in New York tomorrow morning for further examination on his injured right thumb.

Orlovsky, the Lions' starting quarterback the last four weeks, did not practice Wednesday and wore a hard cast on his right hand. He said Monday he had a sprained thumb, but a team source referred to his injury Tuesday as a cracked bone. Asked Wednesday if he had a fractured thumb, Orlovsky said he won't know until seeing the specialist. He is not expected to practice Thursday and the Lions are making plans to play without him this weekend against Jacksonville.

Newly-signed Daunte Culpepper took the slight majority of first-team reps at quarterback Wednesday, with Drew Stanton working second in the rotation and taking the rest. Stanton said he was told not to talk about how practice snaps were divided.

"I was told Rod has a plan or we as an organization have a plan and I'm not supposed to elaborate on that," he said.

Lions coach Rod Marinelli said Culpepper showed some of the same attributes that stood out in his free-agent workout last week - a cannon arm and good feet - and receiver Mike Furrey said Culpepper "looked good out there today."

"Right now he's got to put this whole offense together in three days going into Sunday and we're trying to do everything we can do right now to get him in that position," Furrey said.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what more can we all say that hasn't been said already? fudd is a buffoon, plain and simple. telling players not to speak to the media cuz you think the jags or any other team in the nfl gives a rat's ass about a proposed 'sneak attack' from the worst team in nfl history is beFUDDling, to say the least.

i'll admit i'm curious to see if pep can pick up the offense in time for him to start on sunday against the jags, but i'll withhold judgment on the signing until i see him play. he def looks like he's in good shape and has a mcnabb-like arm physically, but i'm not completely sold yet.

i hope stanton gets some playing time this year, but i'm not gonna hold my breath on it. i REALLY wanna know what it is about him that makes them so opposed to putting him in a game and seeing what he can do. it just goes against all logic not to play him, but that's been their MO for 50+ years now so i don't think it's gonna change until ford relinquishes his death grip on the team.

it's encouraging that furrey said he's still got his arm and his feet too. we'll see if it translates on the field come sunday. go lions.

3:28 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. B

What is your opinion of an organization that will not allow a player to even play one set of downs?

Heck, even the domer Rudy got into a game!

Some "medicinal" hippie lettuce or the very least some Zoloft should be prescribed for this coaching staff. Maybe it would allow Jim C to be a little more creative on his currently feeble offense.

Mr K

1) will not allow a player to eve

3:58 PM 

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