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Lions looking awful, down 38-7

If you live in the Detroit area, be thankful you're not watching the Lions game right now. It's the start of the fourth quarter and they're down 38-7. They've given up touchdowns on five consecutive drives and just held the ball for all of three plays in the third quarter.

About the only thing you're missing is Drew Stanton's NFL debut. As I wrote earlier, Daunte Culpepper started with Stanton being used in special packages. He came in and threw a 1-yard touchdown pass on his first career attempt for the Lions' only touchdown. He's about to take over Culpepper now and play the entire fourth quarter.

It's good that coaches are finally giving him an opportunity to get on the field. Fifteen minutes isn't a true gauge of what he can do, but the Lions don't have anything else to play for now but the future.

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Blogger David Soberman said...

he just went down for 2 sacks in a ain't pretty....and he was listed at 6'3, 220...ha

3:22 PM 

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