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Lions don't know how to win

It's the old chicken-or-egg question, and Kevin Smith's answer today got me thinking: Does a winning attitude breed winning, or do victories produce the persona?

“I think winning comes first and then the attitude,” Smith said. “You have that winning attitude, but when you get your win that's like, I guess, putting gas in your truck. And every loss is you're losing gas. So when you win you're going back to the gas station and putting a little more in, all the way until you get to the Super Bowl and then you're filled up.”

That analogy is appropriate as the 0-11 Lions continue their pursuit of imperfection this week. Rod Marinelli has said for months his players are practicing hard and giving maximum effort, and I haven't seen anything to the contrary. All's quiet on the fine front and there've been no signs of fracturing in the locker room.

Still, the Lions are 0-11 and, seemingly, getting worse by the week. One game the defense stinks, the next Daunte Culpepper regresses, the next special teams take the brunt of the blame. Why? It's not that the Lions don't want to win, it's that they don't know how.

“We got to figure out and solve the puzzle on how to get a victory,” defensive tackle Shaun Cody said. “We just haven't been able to find it, what it takes to win.”

Cody was asked after Sunday's 38-20 loss to Tampa Bay what changed since last year's 6-2 start. The Lions have lost 18 of their last 19 games and will match the longest losing streak in franchise history with a defeat Thursday against Tennessee.

“I can't say much if anything,” Cody said. “We practice harder, we work harder than ever, just execution in the game. That's what it comes down to and it's just not happening. I know you want to hear a great, magical answer, but that's what it really is. Guys just not doing what they're supposed to do at the right times or in critical moments, making a big play. That's what it really is.”

• He wasn't talking about the Lions – I don't think, at least – but Titans coach Jeff Fisher might as well have been when he ended a conference call with Detroit media with this take about playing on Thanksgiving: “The Thursday game to me is a treat, it's an honor. We were excited when the schedule came out and we get the chance to go out and play on a short week in front of everybody and it kind of acts as an additional bye week if you will.” Yes, playing the Lions usually does.

• Quick injury report from practice Tuesday: Receiver Mike Furrey (concussion) did some running around and could play Thursday if he stays symptom free. Smith practiced after sitting out Monday's workout with a bruised shoulder. He said he'll play against the Titans. Alex Lewis sat out a second straight day with a pectoral injury. He could join Dewayne White, Dominic Raiola, Keith Smith and Drew Stanton on the sidelines Thursday.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the more i read about what kevin smith has to say, the more i like his no bs comments. he shoots straight from the hip and lets us know if he's being censored by the team when he's asked a question he can't answer the way he wants. we need more players like that. he's def got a winning attitude, but it's plain to see that he's one of the very few on the team that do. i think winning breeds the attitude too, just for the record.

10:26 PM 

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