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New Lions season ticket plans

I don't have any hard numbers to report, but the anecdotal evidence that the Lions are experiencing a drop in season-ticket sales has been piling up for a long time.

I have four season tickets in my name that a few high school buddies and I went in on years ago. One of our group moved to Arizona and I cover the games, but my other two buddies kept all four seats the last couple years. Well, no longer. They decided not to renew this year for a number of reasons, the increase in price and constant losing chief among them. Since the tickets are in my name, I've received a few calls from the ticket office asking (pleading?) to renew. Doesn't look like that's going to happen.

Two more friends who have season tickets also have decided they're done spending money up front for games. Both usually attend just a game or two a year and sell their other seats, but figure the premium they pay for preseason games (no one wants to buy those, at least at anywhere close to face value) isn't worth the benefit of being able to go whenever they want. Instead, they figure they can scalp tickets on an as-necessary basis.

Another drop in the bucket came today when the Lions unveiled a pair of new five-game ticket plans for fans who can't or don't want to commit the $660 up front for a season's worth of tickets. (I know some plans come cheaper, but most of the seats range from $660-$900 for the year). If you're interested, contact the Lions ticket office at 313-262-2002 or visit

The plans start at $230 for upper-level seats and are as follows:

Joe Schmidt Plan: Aug. 7 vs. Giants (preseason), Sept. 14 vs. Green Bay (home opener), Oct. 26 vs. Washington, Nov. 23 vs. Tampa Bay, Dec. 21 vs. New Orleans

Lem Barney Plan: Aug. 23 vs. Cleveland (preseason), Oct. 5 vs. Chicago, Nov. 9 vs. Jacksonville, Nov. 27 vs. Tennessee (Thanksgiving), Dec. 7 vs. Minnesota


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