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Check out transcript of chat on Detroit Lions

If you missed Thursday's chat on the Detroit Lions, you missed plenty of conversation on Ndamukong Suh. Will he stay? Will he go? And if he goes, what then?

It was a lively discussion that you can check out here. Comments or questions? Hit me up on Twitter @PaulaPasche.

Join my next chat at 3 p.m., Thursday, March 12. It's always fun ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are pros and cons to both releasing Suh and not releasing him. If they don't resign him they're guaranteed extra supplemental draft picks. They also could resign fairley and get a lot of other talent. Ansah makes me less worried about losing suh because you know Mayhew won't let suh AND fairley walk

3:11 PM 
Anonymous Trezzy said...

I wish we keep Suh he's a top 5 Dlineman / dominant player in the NFL but honestly I'd rather get two other Elite Defenders with ALLLL the money suhs likely going to want / get. We've never had a top 10 (maybe even 15) defense with Suh.Leading me to kindve believe It's very possible this year D success was a result of our defensive scheme more than any one player (to Chip Kelly's point. Scheme over any individual player) .
I'd rather us bring in 2 other great Defensive players . Revis , Wilfork , Greg Hardy etc. Even Knighton , Fairley AND another CB all with the same money used for Suh would probably keep our defense top 6-5 ish. Is there any FA's you like that you think can step in & keep the defense looking right

4:21 PM 
Anonymous Trezzy ;) said...

Ok 3 last questions.
1. Do you think a team will over pay for ndaumukong ? Obviously he's worth every penny he'll get but from a salary standpoint , do you think a team is going to pay just a little too much. I think anything over JJ Watts is "too much" but Suhs definitely going to beat those #'s

2.Today who would you want to draft @ 23? I got Todd Gurley than Trae Wayne's . Melvin Gordon 3rd.

3.Have you heard anything about Suh as far as the team he's most likely going to be playing for this year

4:45 PM 

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