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Texas kid learns ugly truth about being a Detroit Lions fan

At times it doesn’t pay to be a Detroit Lions fan.

One of those times was Sunday in Dallas. 
Go figure.

According to a story from, a boy from Amarilllo got tickets to the Lions’ playoff game at Dallas on Sunday. He’s a big Lions fan so wore a Lions jersey.

From the web site:
Roman and his family made the trip from Amarillo to Arlington, TX. Before the game started Roman participated in a contest that was being held on one of the stages outside of the stadium. The game was musical chairs and the last person to get a chair would win a brand new PS4 Madden game. Roman ended up being the winner, but when the MC noticed he had a Detroit Lions jersey on she asked to do it all over again because he was a Detroit Lions fan.

You know how this ends. In the next attempt, a guy wearing a Cowboys’ jersey won.

They gave Roman a Batman DVD and the Cowboys’ fan was awarded the PS4 Madden game.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to buy the kid PS4 games, a setup to play them and Lions gear. 

It was just a bad day for Lions’ fans all-around.


Blogger TuffLynx said...

Yeah, sounds like what a lot of Cowboys fans treat other people like. After seeing the commentary on many blogs this week I have a whole new perspective on Cowboys fans and it isn't pretty.

9:12 AM 

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