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Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh mum on suspension, appeal

ALLEN PARK — Ndamukong Suh had very little to say on Wednesday, his first chance to talk to the media since he was suspended on Monday and then won his appeal on Tuesday

Most of the questions directed at him obviously dealt with his suspension that was turned. It was Suh’s first time talking to the media since he stepped on Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers’ left leg twice. He didn’t talk after Sunday’s game.

On Wednesday he responded to nine questions: “Next question.’’

When asked what happened with Rodgers, Suh said, “I’m looking forward to playing against Dallas.”

When asked about the main points of his appeal, he said, “I’m looking forward to playing against Dallas.’’

On and on.

He did open up for a quick second about his reaction that he won the appeal.

“I’m just pleased with the decision and glad I have the opportunity to go against Dallas and help my teammates win the game,’’ Suh said. “I think that’s most important. It’s going to be a big day at practice putting everything in.’’

Wednesday was the Lions’ first day of practice in preparation to play the Cowboys in a wild-card game on Sunday. It’s the first playoff game since 2011 and just the second since 1999.

Coach Jim Caldwell didn’t want to talk much about the Suh situation either including the team’s involvement in the appeal process.

“Those things are procedure where the league talks to those who are involved and makes an assessment from what’s presented,’’ Caldwell said. “Our involvement is minimal.’’

Obviously the coach is happy to have Suh available for Sunday’s playoff game.

“Any time you have a guy who does what he does for us, he plays great, he’s a real factor in every game,’’ Caldwell said. “It’s great to have him back.’’

The coach is big on second chances, he’s said this all season for a variety of issues.
He said he still trusts Suh.

“We’re all human. I for one and certainly others in this room I would say have made mistakes in their lives and certainly I’m going to make more, that’s just the way I am,’’ Caldwell said. “I would assume everybody else may fall into that same category.’’


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