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Hey Calvin Johnson, no more dunking over the goalpost in NFL

Quick, someone find video clips of Calvin Johnson dunking the football over the goal post after he scores a touchdown.

It’s all ancient history now.

The NFL is tweaking its rules at the league meetings this week.

Dunking over the goal posts as a celebration? Gone.

Dean Blandino, NFL head of officiating, told the Dan Patrick Show that move will result in a penalty. It’s not a new rule, but instead will be enforced because using the football as a prop for a touchdown celebration is a penalty.

That’s just a shame. It’s a great classic move.

Other rule changes include:

— During replay reviews, the referee will be allowed to consult with the NFL officiating department. Blandino will talk to the officials from the New York command center. Technically the referee will still have the final say. But this will give extra input from the league. Sjnce reviews aren’t all that common, hopefully this move won’t drag out the games. The NHL, which admittedly is not the same stratosphere, uses a command center in Toronto for replays and it seems to work.

— “Roll up” blocks to the side of a player’s leg are now banned. These blocks were illegal from behind and now they’ve added side hits too. It gives defensive players more protection.

More proposals and rule changes will face votes on Wednesday.

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