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Detroit Lions: Five ways to look at absence of Nate Burleson

OK, about the Lions’ wide receiver position without Nate Burleson for the next several weeks. Five thoughts:

1. Martin Mayhew will not make any knee-jerk reactions. Last year when they were desperate for wide receivers due to a rash of injuries, he made a trade for Mike Thomas. He got cut after training camp, it wasn’t a close call. It was one of Mayhew’s worst deals.

2. I absolutely cannot see him trading for Cleveland’s Josh Gordon who just returned from a suspension. Gordon is one failed drug test away from a one-year NFL suspension. What if that happened while he was in Detroit? Mayhew would be roasted especially because of recent off-the-field issues.

3. A Mikel Leshoure for Giants’ WR Hakeem Nicks trade just doesn’t make sense for either team. It’s not going to happen.

4. All the angst from fans on replacing Burleson is confounding. Especially from the same fans who thought Burleson was washed up and wouldn’t be the same player coming back from a broken leg. Now they want the best to replace him.

5. He’ll be replaced by committee. Ryan Broyles and Reggie Bush will line up more often in the slot. Kris Durham will line up on the outside opposite Calvin Johnson. Also look for tight ends Tony Scheffler and Joe Fauria to get more involved in the passing game and don’t give up on Brandon Pettigrew just because he didn’t have a catch last Sunday. Replacing Burleson will be by committee and they have enough talent to make it work. Pat Edwards would be an asset, but he’s doubtful to play with a bad ankle.

If it doesn’t work this Sunday against the Bears, perhaps Mayhew will be working the phones on Monday. I suspect they will be fine.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thomas was no were near the talent of Gordon. I understand he has had issues but he is only 22. I dont think he is anything like young.This is the type of move that could save both there jobs! Lions fans arent just now saying we need another WR nate should not have been our #2 no matter how much we love him

9:42 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:35 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think fans wanted a better number 2 than Nate at the beginning of the season and they still do! Nate is a great player and motivator but he's best days are behind him. Would he should be or 3 or 4 reciver if broyles is out

9:26 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not give that willis guy a shot from the practice squad. Or try to get cecil shorts from the jags

10:19 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The three people above me have likely been the ones doing the "roasting" of Mayhew, and now they want him to make the MOST bone headed decision of his career.

One failed test away! How in the F is that a sound decision after what we've been through lately??!

Listen, they have combed the league, and right now there is NO ONE that makes sense. Committee is the only viable answer right now.


10:25 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to sure how the Leshore and 3rd rd pick for Hakeem nicks doesn't make sense for the lions? I think it makes perfect sense....not like they are draft experts and nail it every year. Any solid wr opposite of Calvin Johnson should only flourish!

10:43 AM 
Anonymous Tristan said...

I think we need to trade Burleson, Leshoure, and Pettigrew for Doug Baldwin from Seattle. Seattle needs more depth, and Burleson can mentor the young receivers like en Tate and Percy Harvin. Also, he could be a nice returner and he could finish his career in Seattle. On the other side, getting Doug Baldwin would be a dream. He's young, he's talented and with a core like Stafford, Bush, Johnson, Broyles, Baldwin, and the up- and- comer Fauria, all we would need is a piece or two on D and a reliable kicker, and we would be Super Bowl Bound!

11:25 AM 

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