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Detroit Lions: Ronnell Lewis apologized to Martin Mayhew

Ronnell Lewis, the Detroit Lions’ defensive end, didn’t wait for general manager Martin Mayhew to find him after his arrest on three misdemeanor charges from a bar fight in Norman, Okla., last weekend.

 “I had a talk with Ronnell. Obviously disappointed whenever that kind of thing happens,’’ Mayhew said late Saturday. “I think he understands his status and where he is right now. It’s frustrating but we talked with it and we dealt it.

“I will say this, Ronnell came in the building and came right to my office to see me and apologized, and I respect him for that. But I explained to him how I felt about that situation.’’

 Mayhew said it was the same deal with Amari Spievey who was charged in a domestic violence situation in March. Spievey has entered a court-ordered program and can have charges dropped once it’s complete.

“Interestingly enough, there is this sort of thought that we’re attracting these guys that have all these problems,’’ Mayhew said. “Ronnell Lewis has never had any problem with the law and Amari Spievey has never had any problem with the law. Until these last two incidents.

“We vet these guys, we get into their backgrounds, we dig into them. It’s unfortunate what happened and it can’t happen again, but it was a surprise to us,’’ Mayhew added.

  The Lions had seven arrests in the 2012 season. They cut Aaron Berry after his second arrest last July just before the start of training camp.

  So far Lewis and Spievey are the only arrests this offseason.

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