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Bears Brandon Marshall blasts Lions Ndamukong Suh on Twitter

The Lions game wasn’t over when it was over Monday night. After the Lions 13-7 loss to the Bears, there was some action on Twitter.

 Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall (@BMarshall) took to Twitter to express his displeasure about Ndamukong Suh’s takedown of quarterback Jay Cutler.

His first tweet:
“A Suh. What u did to Jay wasn't cool. Great players don't have to do that.”

That was followed an hour later by this:
“A Suh. Something I've learned and now passing down to you. Succeed with character”

Suh was not whistled for a roughing the passer penalty for the sack. Cutler’s right shoulder was ground into the turf. He went down in pain, the trainers came out and he went off the field.

 He took just one play off and was back. It was reported that he had bruised ribs.

 It’s possible the NFL could disagree with the on-field officials and slap Suh with a fine.

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Blogger John Leach said...

I tend to agree with Marshall. It looked like Suh had intent to injure. Given his "priors", perhaps this should come as no surprise. Something goes haywire in Suh's head once in a while, that seems to turn him into a wild animal, and I just don't know if any amount of fines, suspensions, and other discipline will ever correct it. It just is what it is. People either have character or they don't.

8:12 PM 
Anonymous Discodan said...

It is hard to say if these Lion players really believe they are ANIMALS.
Old tyme football may have come and gone, but some get emotional when playing, and that is Suh.
Doesn't help that the Lions are Losing so far this season..
There is Talent at the position (Suh), and maybe the scheme he is playing ,doesn't FIT him,
But football is a MANS game.
And today , it takes a Man to play it,(see Ray Lewis), but that does not excuse a player to physically Maim anyone. And you are correct about his history, but when, Millions are being bestowed to you, (subway,etc.) does one really care.
But be careful.......if you are trying to LABEL Suh, as labels do stick, (rumors).you keep on a keen eye on him for me

9:40 AM 

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