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Three challenges the Lions' Ndamukong Suh faces this season

After an amazing rookie season Ndamukong Suh’s sophomore year did not match up. His sack numbers were down from 10 to 4, but it was more than that. Three challenges Suh faces this season.

1. He needs to get back to being the dominant player on the defensive line. Last year arguably he was third best behind Cliff Avril and Corey Williams. Coaches and management have defended him and said that stats don’t tell the whole story. That’s true, but still he wasn’t the dominant player he was as a rookie. Expect to see him get moved around more this season — will play more on the end than he did last year. That should put more fear in the eyes of the opposing offense.

2. Suh needs to prove he can play within the NFL rules like everyone else. Remember that he was suspended for two games last season when he lost control and stomped the Packers’ Evan Dietrich-Smith. The two games was because he had previous fines and was not a first offender. It was costly for him and the team. More is expected from a second overall pick who signed a $60 million contract.

3. He needs to prove he’s a good teammate. Part of that is not getting suspended. Also, he was the only high-profile member of the Lions not to participate in at least one of three recent team charity events — bocce, the golf outing and the fishing tournament. It’s all a part of being a team player.

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