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Next time you see Matthew Stafford ...

Next time you see Matthew Stafford — and who knows when that might be — you will notice he’s bulked up in his chest and shoulders.

It’s a visible difference which the media all quickly noticed during the informal workouts two weeks ago. Stafford was on the field all four days working in a T-shirt.

During his 10-week rehab following his shoulder surgery in January not only did he work on getting the repaired shoulder back he wanted to work to prevent any kind of shoulder problem again. (Of course that will be easier if the offensive line will prevent a guy like Julius Peppers from smashing his shoulder into the turf.)

He said the folks at the Andrews Institute in Pensacola, Fla., had him work on his back and shoulders.

The surgery did not affect his shoulder tendons or ligaments which is perhaps why he made a fast recovery.

He still has zip on the ball. In fact one day you could hear the ball smack off the hands of Calvin Johnson from across the field. It was more proof that Stafford is back.

Now all the Lions need is for the lockout to be lifted. Court hearing is set for Friday.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The next time fans see Stafford he'll be wearing shoulder pads, so they won't be able to tell the difference anyway. I'll give him 4 games max before the china doll breaks again. The dude's a bust. Get used to it.

11:44 PM 

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