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Lions' Suh sets an off-the-field world record

While passing time during the NFL lockout, Lions’ defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has set another record. This one off the field.

In fact, Suh has set a Guinness World Record.

Here’s the official record text: "The most attendees at a 'Tweetup' is 1,935 and was achieved by Ndamukong Suh (USA) at the Hawks Championship Center, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, on 16 April 2011."

Impressed? Or are you just wondering what the heck is a tweetup? It’s a group brought together by sending messages on Twitter.

Suh is quite active on Twitter @Ndamukong_Suh.

(Follow me on Twitter @PaulaPasche.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not all of us love them or hate them. Some of us could care less. Just a lousy football team in a crime-ridden and corrupt city. If all you can think to write about is some dopey football player getting a bunch of nerds together, maybe you should expand your horizons.

5:16 PM 
Anonymous Phil Good President said...

Anonymous is exactly what they are so the opinion was lame and of course came from a nameless person...wowers me lol

8:28 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the first commenter. Paula needs something else to talk about besides the Lions. Boring. And anybody that calls themself Phil Good President and uses words like wowers ought to consider becoming nameless as well. That's about as lame as it gets.

11:00 PM 

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