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Five reasons why Lions' Jim Schwartz is not on the hot seat

Why? Why? Why? So many questions involving the Detroit Lions and so few answers.

Of course, the key head-scratcher is why haven’t the Lions won more games considering their roster is more talented than a year ago? Really no one good answer there. Injuries, bad luck, no breaks from the officials, they beat themselves, the inconsistent secondary -- pick one or all of the above.

Here’s the other “why” starting to creep into my e-mail bag: Why is Jim Schwartz not on the hot seat? That’s easy. Here are five reasons why Schwartz’s job is secure.

1. Despite the heart-breaking close losses that started with that Calvin Johnson call in the opener at Chicago, Schwartz has kept the team’s spirits in fighting mode. After a disappointing 2-9 start he could have lost the team. That has not happened.

2. Except for a few plays over 11 games (the Jets’ loss comes to mind), Schwartz has not been out-coached. The Lions are prepared, the guys will tell you that. When it comes to basics during the week and on Sunday, Schwartz has proven that he’s got what it takes to be an NFL head coach.

3. Schwartz and general manager Martin Mayhew are on the same page as far as a team-building philosophy. While naturally they want to win now, they are also building for the future.

4. Firing Schwartz would make zero sense. Think it would be wise to tear everything apart and start over? Absolutely not. The Lions’ record may be the same as it was at this time a year ago, but they are closer to becoming a winning team.

5. Even Rich Rodriguez got more than two seasons.

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