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Lions' run game stunted by Bears

CHICAGO -- This is a game the Lions should have won. It was ugly, but they held a 14-13 lead with just over three minutes remaining. Then they lost 19-14 to the Chicago Bears.

The Bears are not that good, yet they amassed 463 offensive yards against the Lions.

It didn’t help that the Lions lost Matthew Stafford for the whole second half -- and maybe longer -- with a shoulder injury. But that was not the reason they lost. Shaun Hill can throw a touchdown pass. But no matter who was the quarterback the running game never got established. That’s a huge factor in the loss. The Lions had just 20 net rushing yards.

The other is the Lions’ defense giving up big plays, in particular the 89-yard touchdown by Matt Forte toward the end of the first half.

The defensive issue was not a huge surprise.

But with the talent of rookie Jahvid Best, the run game should be better.



Blogger Ken said...

I'm trying to forget the Lion's offensive disaster last Sunday but I can't. It was the worst display of an offensive game plan that I can ever remember ...and I have been watching for over 5 decades ever since the famed Detroit receiver, Terry Barr, came to our house when I was a kid. Not that a running-game was a bad idea, but how many times did Best have to run into a wall before Linnehan or Schwartz thought to do somehting else? Its like a catcher getting hit in the head with the bat for 8 straight innings before he thought to move back a few inches. And what's with this whole scam the coaches have been selling that Stafford has a great arm and we have two great receivers and two great tight ends ...well I think we can save that fairy tale for nightime stories to our kids. It was obvious the coaches were afraid to let Stafford throw the ball more then a few yards and then only as a last resort on 3rd down, run, pass, run, run, pass ad nauseum. By the time Stafford actually threw the ball at Calvin in the third quarter, Johnson didn't recognize what it was and blocked it to the ground so it didn't hit him. And as for the catch-no-catch in the end zone, I'm sorry to say that Johnson is the goat on that one too. Every receiver in the league knows the legal requirements to catching a ball. But Calvin was so intent to show off with his one-handed celebration that it cost him, the Lions and the Detroit fan base the game. I have been drinking the kool-aid since Spring ...and unfortuantely, I threw it up for three straight hours last Sunday afternoon.

6:32 PM 

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