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Concussion sidelines Zack Follett

ALLEN PARK -- Starting linebacker Zack Follett is dealing with his first concussion. It could keep him out of Sunday’s game at Minnesota.

He could not practice on Wednesday. In fact, he can’t work out until he passes a test that proves he is OK.

He was injured playing special teams on a kickoff Sunday against the Eagles.

“I made a hit, stuck my head in there, I guess I hit with the returner. My whole family was down visiting from California,’’ Follett said. “The last thing I was trying to do was get out of that game. I just kept on playin,g doing what I had to do.’’

After the hit it appeared that he staggered on the field. But coach Jim Schwartz said Follett stumbles on the field routinely.

When he came out of the game, he was given a test on the bench to see if he could resume playing.

“They were giving me concussion tests, kind of asking me questions, what the score was, counting backward, days of the week. I was passing all of them. I felt the second half I was out there in a dream. I was able to play and get through it. But was after the game when the headaches set in,’’ Follett said.

Schwartz said they will not rush Follett’s return.

“No. 1, you’re going to err on the side of caution with it. You never want to put guys out if they’re exhibiting symptoms and signs. That’s probably about it,’’ Schwartz said.

Follett took a test on Tuesday and “didn’t do so hot.” It’s a computerized test that is timed. Players take one before the start of the season to determine a base-line time.

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