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Lions take multi-dimensional approach to FB

It’s no secret that Lions coach Jim Schwartz loves his players to be multi-dimensional. The best way to earn a roster spot is to heed to this standard. It’s especially important now with the team in rebuilding mode.

So it was really no surprise to see tight end Jake Nordin line up at fullback during the Organized Team Activities.

“We’re getting a little flexible with our tight ends playing some fullback and mixing it around. It’s something Casey did for us last year. You know we put a lot of stress on multi-dimensional players and that’s one of the things he can do,’’ Schwartz said of Nordin who is 6-foot-3 and 255 pounds.

He played in four games last season, starting in one. Signed as a free agent tight end to the practice squad late in the 2008 season, he’s now listed as a fullback on the roster. The only other experienced fullback that the Lions bring back is Jerome Felton.

Nordin has some experience at the new position.

“It hasn’t bee from a true fullback right behind the quarterback fullback. He’s been offset and things like that. He’s executed all the responsibilities of a fullback before as have the other tight ends. (Brandon) Pettigrew did that last year, Casey did that last year, it’s part of what they’re asked to do.’’

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I for one Have been Worried About this position.
Not That I think that Jerome Felton isn't a Good FB Because he does a Fairly good Job at the FB position.However,There are a lot of times that he either doesn't remember To Block Or it just doesn't seem to register as part of his Job.
He is a solid Runner and a very good pass catcher comming out of the Backfield. He Jst Needs to protect our QB more often.
A lot of our Sacks on our QBs come from this situation.
The FBs must cover that open hole to the QB.

11:56 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the extra blocker is SUPER important especially when Stafford has to drop back more than 3 steps. We haven't had a good backfield blocker that can come out and catch as well as block up the gaps in a while. This season will be interesting to watch!

8:50 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you forgot Matt Clapp the undrafted rookie free agent. he has a real shot

12:44 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fullback Cory Schlesinger while not the best reciever was by far the last true Fullback the Lions had. If there was a guy out there like that protecting Mat we would see the play offs this year!

7:01 AM 

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