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Putting a number on it

How much change will there be on the Lions roster when they kick off the 2010 season? It’s too early to tell. Even Martin Mayhew, the general manager, is not quite sure.

After the 2008 season, the roster was changed so dramatically that more than half of the names on the 2009 roster were new. Will that happen again?

“We’re not projecting 50 percent (in change), we’re just looking for opportunities to get better and when those opportunities show up we’ll take advantage and see how that plays out,’’ Mayhew said.

 But he left the door open when he said, “I wouldn’t be surprised either way.’’


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know how they Can't have a pretty large Turnover when most of what you have either did not produce or wasn't able to Stop anyone either?
Offensivly there is two menthat should go right away.Dante Culpepper and D Johnson the WR.
He made a few nice catches some of them Looked pretty great.BUT, were they or were they Just for him?
dante is Just going to Keep Fans from Wanting to go to the GAMES.
Defencivly.Except for the LBer Core which yes,should all stay together if they can KEEP them.
However The CBs Need a lot of help.
and it Looks like he plans on Keeping a large amount of them together too.
Anthony Henry Plays like he doesn't seem to want to be here and it is the same with Buchanan?
YEA, they can play SO? Why didn't they?
I think Mathew did a fine JOB at the Begging of this TEAM TURN AROUND.However,I think HE is going to be the BIG HOLD UP at the END OF IT!
FOR ONE his Loyalties to DANTE are going to END UP hurting this whole TEAM!

3:09 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the preveous Comment at the end of it I was Talking about Mayhew Not Mathew.
I think that MAYHEW started out well with the turn around at the Beggining of it.
BUT, His Loyalties to Dante are Going to end up hurting this whole TEAM.

9:45 AM 

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