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Black Sundays

   Last season five Lions games were blacked out on local television because Ford Field did not sell out.
   The Lions now have a double-whammy of trouble selling tickets between the fact they’re coming off an 0-16 season and they’re trying to do business in a shaky economy.
  Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, was asked on Saturday if the blackout rules would change. He said he understands about the local economy, but it’s a long-term policy that won’t change.
  “The economy is suffering all over the country. Obviously it’s getting  particularly hard hit here in the Detroit area. ... There are challenges in some markets. Clubs have to work harder. We recognize what our fans are going through, the challenges they have and all the clubs have been very responsive,’’ Goodell said.
   But don’t expect the NFL to ease up on its black-out rule.


Anonymous Steve Frye said...

Well, expect me to lose all interest in football. I've got yard work, leaves to rake, kids to play with or take out and an entire region dying for my business. Watching the Lions will be an easy thing to give up. And while the NFL may be tougher to surrender, not showing any games when the Lions should be on only makes me mad and resentful of the NFL. GO WINGS, GO TIGERS.

3:18 PM 

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