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No depth chart for Schwartz

ALLEN PARK —  Lions coach Jim Schwartz will not compile a depth chart until just prior to the first preseason game, he said after Tuesday’s minicamp session.
  “There’s some positions it doesn’t take Vince Lombardi to figure out who our best player is at that position. I need to stay consistent. I can’t say we’ll have a depth cart at one position, but these other positions are going to be wide open for competition,’’ Schwartz said.
 Quarterback  Daunte Culpepper, who said he’s 100 percent healthy going into training camp for the first time since 2004, has no problem with that. Neither does Matthew Stafford, the No. 1 draft pick.
   “I said it when we drafted Stafford, but it applies to everybody on this team. You’re a starter on this team when you’re the best player and you’re ready. You need to fulfill both of those. If you’re the best player but you’re not ready physically,  emotionally, whatever it is, you’re not going to play,’’ Schwartz said. “If you’re ready but you’re not the best player you’re not the starter.’’
   Minicamp continues Wednesday and Thursday.
   For more on the competition between Culpepper and Stafford see Wednesday’s Oakland Press.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The height of Stupidity. So if Culpepper is ready but not the best player he won't start. And if Stafford is the best player but not ready, he won't start. So just who is going to start.

6:46 AM 
Blogger Jeff said...

If Culpepper is ready, and Stafford isn't ready, then Culpepper would be the best player to start.

Pretty simple really. And a great way to go about things, be the best player that is ready to play and you start.

11:01 AM 

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