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Henry on T.O., Roy Williams, playing safety

New Lions cornerback Anthony Henry spent the last three seasons in Dallas with Terrell Owens. He said the much-maligned receiver is more misunderstood than bad apple and was “very surprised” when the Cowboys released Owens earlier this month.

“With him I didn't think that would happen because he's a high-caliber receiver, he scores double-digit touchdowns every year and you ask the guys in the locker room, he's a great teammate to have,” Henry said. “That's why looking at things from the outside in, it was a little bit different. With us, everybody was tight, he kept the locker room together, he had functions at his house, invited everybody over and stuff like that. Even when they interviewed the guys when it happened there in Dallas, they was like, I couldn't believe it. Nobody could really believe it.”

Henry said the locker-room perception of Owens is “much different” than that of the general public.

As for former Lions receiver Roy Williams, traded to Dallas last October, Henry said Williams showed up for his first day wearing cowboy boots and a hat.

“We were having fun,” Henry said. “From Day 1 he was good. Everybody loved him and he practiced well, first day of practice making great catches, so it was good to have him a part of the team.”

Henry said he had “mixed feelings” initially about the trade that sent him to Detroit for Jon Kitna last month, but got over those once he had a chance to talk with Lions coach Jim Schwartz and teammates he'd known from around the league like Kalvin Pearson and Aveion Cason.

Schwartz said Henry will start this offseason at cornerback, but could switch to safety. Henry played safety occasionally at times last year and the Cowboys planned to move him off corner this year.

“Wherever they put me I plan on playing well,” he said. “In Dallas I played corner my whole time, but when we needed a certain change up I played safety, too. If that's a possibility here then I'm willing to do it.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

gil brandt is a buffoon. i know he's old and all, but i've caught several errors on his part in his blogs about the lions. can't spell MAYHEW right, thought our offensive line coach wasn't george yarno, and i think it's time to let him go. get someone else to cover the pro days blog.

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