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Is the end near for Millen?

Not having talked to Bill Ford Jr., Matt Millen or William Clay Ford, the primary parties involved in the day's major sports story, here's my two cents:

Ford Jr. is trying to affect change about an organization he cares deeply about but is no longer involved in the day-to-day operation of. He's never spoken publicly before about Millen's status, at least his desire for Millen to be gone, but that's been the common perception in media circles for some time.

Millen has been an abject failure as team president. The Lions' 31-84 record under his stewardship speaks for itself, though to be fair not everything has been his fault (Joey Harrington, you'll recall, was not his pick).

Do I think Ford Jr.'s comments will matter in the long run? Not really, and here's why. While it's certainly possible Millen survives another December, the Lions are heading down the path of implosion. As in, clean house and start new again. Ford the elder has to see it or risk his franchise becoming the absolute blight of the NFL.

You can argue whether that's good, whether the organization needs some stability in coaches or personnel or systems. But at 0-3, this season is already a disastrous wreck with little hope for a turnaround.

The bye week comes at a welcome time for players to recharge and get away from things, but it is not a cure-all. There are locker-room issues (Jon Kitna and Roy Williams do not appear to have bought into Jim Colletto's offense), personnel issues (the talent on defense isn't getting better with a week off), and fan-revolt issues (can't wait to see how angry and empty Ford Field is for the Chicago game).

The reality is, the Lions stand another early three-touchdown hole against the Bears away from the point of no return, though by finally speaking out it seems Ford Jr. is already there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So basically nothing will get done. Jr. said his thoughts but thats about it.
I really don't want to see another overhaul of coaches. But in the end that is probably what is best for them.

1:31 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least not yet... Ford Sr. apparently is busy with more important things than paying attention to what has been going on with the Lions for the last few years... decades...
However, 0-16 might just wake him up from his sleepy time.

2:20 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

change will ONLY come about if EVERYONE takes a stand against the franchise. fans, media, fans of other teams, media from other teams, etc. all have to unite together for this to even have a SHOT at working. like bush said, we have to stand together and unite against terrorism. well, this is about as close to terrorism in the nfl as one can get. enough is enough. time to take a stand and stop buying into the scam in nfl history - the lions. i would love NOTHING more than to see ford field completely empty when the lions play the bears.

2:20 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if ford sr doesn't do SOMETHING before he dies [i give it 2 years tops], it's gonna be a great and gloriously terrible day when he does. people aren't gonna mourn for him....they will more than likely be dancing in the streets and partying their asses off cuz the beast will be dead and we will have gotten our football team back.

that's how fed up we all are of ford sr and his management of the team. we're gonna be celebrating his DEATH rather than his LIFE if ford doesn't do SOMETHING about this colossal train wreck called the lions.

unfortunately, i don't see it happening unless we all unite and take a stand against the lions. we're not only doing it for ourselves, but we're doing it for ford sr's good too.

spread the word people.

2:45 PM 
Blogger Matthew said...

"Ford the elder has to see it or risk his franchise becoming the absolute blight of the NFL."

Sorry, but they are already there.

2:47 PM 

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