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Lions tickets going up

I'll have more on the increase in season tickets later (and how there's no correlation to the fact the Lions won't target any big names in free agency this year), but here are the specifics in case you haven't received your renewal form yet.

About 83 percent of the season tickets are going up an average of 18 percent. That should put the Lions somewhere near the middle of the NFL with an average ticket price of $71.85 next year. The most expensive seats in sections 104-108 and 125-129 — basically the 50-yard line — are $900 (or $90 per game), up from $700 last year. The cheapest in the alcohol-free Family Fun Zone and the upper level corner and end zones (rows 6-21) are $400, the same as last year.

The other price points are:

- Lower-level sideline (sections 102-103, 109-110, 123-124, 130-131): $840

- Upper-level sideline (sections 328-329, 333-334): $680

- Lower-level corner/end zone (sections 100-101, 111-122, 132-141): $660

- Second-level corner/end zone (sections 215-225, 236-246): $660

- Upper-level corner/end zone, rows 1-5 (sections 315-327, 335-336, 341-347): $500

The renewal package also includes a letter from Lions coach Rod Marinelli that praises his team's character and says "the changes we have made in our coaching staff will positively compliment our talent, and with some key free agent additions and another successful draft, there is no reason why we should not be in a position to compete for a playoff berth in 2008."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

raising ticket prices is not a good diea for the Lions. The Lions have a bad product, suffer from extremely negative PR in detroit, and reside in a state suffering economicaly. Whomever thought that it was a good idea to do this now should be fired.

Expect alot of blackouts next year.

10:11 PM 

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