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Pepperoni, please

Roy Williams hadn't heard of Pizza Hut president Scott Bergren's offer to deliver pizzas when a reporter asked him about it Friday, but the Lions' all-pro receiver said he'd gladly serve up a few pies if they could work out the details.

"I'd be up for it," he said. "Anything for me, man."

Williams made headlines last week when he told WDFN-AM (1130) that he didn't tip his pizza delivery guy. On his radio spot this week, Williams said he pulled up next to a Pizza Hut driver at a stoplight and asked what would make an appropriate tip.

"I roll my window down and I say, 'Pizza dude, how much am I supposed to tip you?'" Williams told the radio station. "He said, 'Three, four, maybe five dollars.' And I said, 'Thank you." So now ... I'm going to start tipping the pizza man."

In a fax sent to Williams' agent Thursday night, Pizza Hut challenged Williams to "work as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut for just one day in Detroit, and we'll forgive all your previous tipping transgressions." All the tips from Williams' work would be donated to the World Food Programme as part of World Hunger Relief Week, which starts Oct. 14.

The Lions are on bye next week and Williams, like most of his teammates, will head out of town once practice breaks. Still, Pizza Hut spokesperson Chris Fuller said the company would "love to have (Williams) as a delivery driver" once his schedule permits.

"We thought let's give the guy a break," Fuller said. "He's doing the right thing (by tipping) now."


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