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The Big 10: Top 10

Had to file my first AP top 25 vote this morning — the poll won't be released until Aug. 18 — and my No. 1 isn't much different than everyone else's: USC. The Trojans are so jam-packed with talent it's hard to see them not winning the title this year. In fact, I had them No. 1 going into last season and believe they would have won the national championship if not for that late slip against UCLA.

The rest of my top 10 is filled with very good teams. Michigan is the class of the Big Ten, I expect LSU or Florida to survive the brutal SEC, either Oklahoma or Texas could go undefeated in the Big 12, and if West Virginia doesn't escape Hostess-ville with at least 11 wins I don't know the Mountaineers ever will.

We'll get back to the rest of my best of Big Ten lists later this week, but for now here's my top 10 teams in the nation. The rest of my poll will run next week in the paper and as always the Associated Press puts all votes on line.

1. USC
2. Michigan
3. West Virginia
4. LSU
5. Texas
6. Florida
7. Virginia Tech
8. Oklahoma
9. Florida State
10. Louisville


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You haven't discounted the mighty Badgers, have you, Dave? Madison will be rocking all fall. I believe Wisconsin --Michigan as well -- will land in the Top 10 by season's end. Thoughts?

6:28 PM 
Blogger Dave Birkett said...

No, I haven't discounted the Badgers at all. They're firmly in my top 15, as is Ohio State. The Badgers to me look like a 10-2 team with a loss at OSU and two toss-up games at Penn State and home against Michigan. Obviously, everyone knows about P.J. Hill and the offensive line is scary good as always, but I really like Wisconsin's defensive front. A couple games of fine-tuning and it might be the best in the Big Ten.

9:50 AM 

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