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Making a Beilein

Just got back from John Beilein's press conference and the first thing that struck me is how different he appears to be from Tommy Amaker. It's no surprise I guess. As Lee Corso told me during the Michigan State football coaching search, you can expect the next guy to be completely different from the last guy. That's usually how it works in coaching searches.

The little I knew of Tommy — I don't think anyone in these parts knew him real well — I liked. He seemed to be a sincere man, and he had a passion for the game, his players and the program that didn't always show through in the public eye. He didn't particularly care for public appearances, let his assistants do his radio show, and wasn't the fund-raiser the program needed to get things done like a practice facility or updated arena.

Beilein's not the slick car-salesman sort by any means, but he does have an every-man approachability about him. He took time to sit down with the beat writers privately after the main press conference broke up, did one-on-one TV interviews with all four Detroit stations, and Michigan athletic director Bill Martin hinted that a real coaches show (both a radio and TV version for the Big Ten Network) would return next fall.

I still think the Wolverines have a ways to go to get back in the NCAA tournament, but I don't doubt Beilein can at least get them there. He's innovative, proven and confident in what he does.

Two other things you might find interesting. Michigan forward Ekpe Udoh said last year's playbook consisted of five plays in the halfcourt offense. Beilein said he uses more concepts than plays, but I bet the Wolverines run five different sets (he has one called Best Play Ever) in their first five possessions next year. Also, Udoh confirmed that he considered transferring immediately after Amaker was let go, but has no plans to now.


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